ODI 12c: excelent for OGG, bad for EPM

Hi all,

Yesterday there was the Oracle’s Webcast “Introducing Version 12c for Oracle Data Integration”. Since our first impression was not so good, we decided to participate in this webcast to see if we could find some new information that would change our minds. Everything was fine as Oracle representatives were talking about the nice new cool features, in especially for Oracle Golden Gate that is more integrated with ODI then never and it actually looks really nice. But then there was one question from someone in the audience that caught our eyes:

Can I integrate this with Hyperion and Discoverer?

“ODI 12c is integrated with OBIEE at the metadata level, we provide capabilities such as report to source data lineage. Hyperion connectivity to applications such as Planning or Financial Management will come in future versions of ODI 12c”

ODI 12c does not support Hyperion. What? What do you mean? At first I thought that something was wrong. Maybe the guy who answered the question did not get it or misunderstood it, so I asked a question:

In one of the answers, you said the following: “Hyperion connectivity to applications such as Planning or Financial Management will come in future versions of ODI 12c.” Does it mean that ODI 12c does not have any more Hyperion Planning KMs for example?

“We are planning on adding support for Hyperion applications in a future release of ODI 12c.”

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. They have done great enhancements on ODI to better support Golden Gate, Big Data, parallel executions, debugger, security stuff BUT they removed Hyperion support from ODI 12c. They just removed. In my last attempt to see if they were not misunderstanding me, I asked again almost the same question:

We work with ODI 11g integrating several Hyperion products, such as Essbase, Planning and HFM. Does it mean that we are not able to migrate to ODI 12c for now?

“We will be adding support for Hyperion applications in future releases of ODI 12c. For now you can still continue to work with ODI 11g when Hyperion connectivity is a requirement.”

Well, that was it. Oracle has stated for all presents there that ODI 12c does not fit to EPM users. They have removed a key functionality from its main ETL product. Do you work with Hyperion? Please, just sit on the corner and wait for some next release. There is no more to say about it. Uninstalling it right now and pretend that Oracle did not launch ODI 12c.


6 Responses to “ODI 12c: excelent for OGG, bad for EPM”

  1. So is this the beginning of the push by Oracle to steer everyone towards FDMEE for their Hyperion data integrations? FDMEE uses ODI

    • Probably. My only wish is that they don’t remove all ODI flexibility doing these changes. Some big clients have a lot of unusual requests and until now we were able to achieve thanks to ODI great flexibility, so… Let’s pray that the flexibility of ODI remains.

  2. I am trying to debug an issue with ODI variable. My variable returns a value when a hard coded default value is passed to the variable, but it fails to return any value retrieved from it’s refreshing select query. Is it possible to let me know any possible solution for this ? please let me know if you have any question.Thanks much

  3. The KMs for Essbase were never really that good anyway so I always ended up writing my own MAXL/Java etc commands wrapped in ODI procedures to achieve what I need in ODI 11g anyway so not much of a loss there as I assume you can do the same in 12c. As for HFM I suppose it could be an issue but FDM has been and FDMEE is probably a more suitable place for these integrations to sit because of the additional functionality it provides out of the box. I have not come across many use cases for ODI with HFM which would be too hampered by the loss of the pre-packaged functionality offered by the HFM KM’s.

    • Hi SH how are you? Weel, in the 12 version you will only have the MAXL/JAVA option. In the 11 version, if you don’t know JAVA, you could change the KM to use MAXL and increase performance and flexibility at least. But I agree with you, as we always say, if you use ODI as is, you are not using very well 🙂 at least you are nothing using the best of the tool.

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