ODI 11G Repository Book

Hi all!

I bet that all of you already got into a situation where you need to retrieve information about your developed objects in ODI, for example: how many interfaces does project X have? What are the model folders that have models shared between projects? What were the objects that were changed during this week and who changed them last? And so on. This information is easily retrieved if you know how ODI metadata is structured in its Work and Master repositories.

Luckily for us, Sonra have published a book on the ODI repository. It is free, but in order to get it, you need to comment about it. I already took a look at the models of some subject areas here so I already know that the book will contain great and useful information about the repositories.

As soon as I receive my copy, I’ll write a brief review about it, but I’m pretty sure that it will be a must to have for those that like to adventure themselves through the ODI repositories tables.

See you soon!

Edited on 12/19/2013

I got my copy of the book yesterday and I was right: it is a must to have! Great work from Sonra! The book contains models of several subject areas, very useful queries for daily/clean up tasks like: Unused Physical schemas, unused logical schemas, actual mapping of an interface, option values selected for KMs for all interfaces and a lot more! Another great thing are the ODI pictures with the correspondent repository table that contains that information. For example, when you open a Data Server tab, what is the repository table that has that information that you seeing (SNP_CONNECT in this case). It’s not 100% complete, as I missed some tables from Security module and Load Plans, but it covers 95% of your every day work! If you did not get it yet, go and get it ASAP! Thanks again Sonra!


12 Responses to “ODI 11G Repository Book”

  1. I bet owners of sonra.io are your friends or relatives. They did not send me a pdf when I contacted them. I doubt whether you are praising the book for the same reason (ie they are your friends or relatives), or may be they have paid you to do that.

    • Hi Mike! No, I’m not a relative and they are not paying me for that 🙂 It is just my opnion about their work. In my case, they were pretty fast to provide me the book (it was just a couple of hours). But maybe they did not send you due to the holidays that are going on. I’ll send an email to the guy that sent me the book to see if he can do something about you case. Thanks!

    • Mike.

      I have no record of you contacting me. The e-mail address that Rodrigo provided bounced back. Can you get in touch again?

  2. Very useful. Pls send me the work rep pdf

  3. Flavio Paterno Says:

    So, if I have correctlly understood, after this answer I can get the book, right?

    • Hi, please go to Sonra page and follow their instructions to get the pdf (basically do a permanently link from your blog, website, Facebook etc. to sonra site). Thanks!

  4. plz give me one copy

    • Hi, please go to Sonra page and follow their instructions to get the pdf (basically do a permanently link from your blog, website, Facebook etc. to sonra site). Thanks!

  5. Hi,,Need this book

  6. Plz give one copy

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