KScope14 presentation: Unleashing Hyperion Planning Security Using ODI

Hi all!

We are back from KScope14! What a great conference! KScope is indeed the world’s greatest EPM conference ever! It’s the best place to talk to the best EPM professionals, learn about cutting edge technology and, in our case, also present some of the work that we are currently working on 🙂

Here is the PDF containing our session at KScope14. Please feel free to write comments about it! It’s always great to receive some feedback!

KScope 14 Presentation

Hope you enjoy it! If you were not able to go to KScope14 this year, please make an effort to go next year (it will be held at Hollywood!!! Kscope15). It’s worth every dollar invested!

See ya!




2 Responses to “KScope14 presentation: Unleashing Hyperion Planning Security Using ODI”

  1. […] DEVEPM! We have done a lot of cool stuff this year like ODI certification, ODTUG ODI Expert Panel, speaking at KScope14, changed ODI EPM KMs to work on ODI12c, ODI petition for EPM KMs support, OTNArchBeat Publication […]

  2. […] Technical Journal just released our article about our Kscope 14 presentation “Unleashing Hyperion Planning Security Using ODI”. In this article you will find all the details on how to dynamically setup Hyperion Planning […]

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