2 Responses to “Installing OEMM (Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management)”

  1. That was my first thought, whether or not this is related to DRM. Thanks for clarifying. So, does this tool interact with DRM at all in any form?

    • Basically this tool create a data dictionary of something. For example, if you create a model for one schema of your database it’ll get the metadata of all object existing on it.

      If you create a model from your ODI repository, you’ll have all metadata and the relationship between the connections, interfaces, datastores and so one (If you use simple interfaces only, if you are like us that customizer everything, it’ll not give you a cool result)

      If you create a model from OBIEE (and this was a surprise, a bad one, because you need to export everything, [the repository or the analysis] to XML before you can “revert” it (I need to do some more tests before I can affirm this ok), you’ll have the relationship between your analysis, the columns in you presentation layer and the relationship between then.

      After that it can “Read” informatica, cognos, sqlserver and some other fonts that I don’t remember right now, but we’ll cover in the next blog.

      In the end, looks like a cool tool that can be very handy, we only don’t know how handy it can be right now.

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