DEVEPM on Kscope15! – Day 2: Glimpse of the future

Hi all! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a glimpse of the near future? This is how we few when we participate on the Kscope Sunday Symposiums. Oracle Directors and Product managers shares their latest information about the tools that we use every day.

Although “Safe harbor” statements always applies to them (meaning that the information is not at “final state” and it may always change), it is always great to see and talk about what is going to happen with the EPM tools.

DEVEPM circulated through EPM and BI symposiums and got some insights about some topics (these are a much-resumed version of it….):

  • Financial Close Suite: it is great to see that this track is getting more evidence in Kscope. There was some announcements about HFM improvements and Financial Close tools but we will not be able to detail them here since they are not our expertise. They all seem very cool thought J;
  • Data Mash-Ups in OBIEE: That was a cool presentation. Business users always have adhoc Excel files that contains “extra” information that are not actually on the DW/Reports. What if they could add those files “on the fly” to the existing OBIEE reports, create “joins” with these files and create personalized summarizations? That’s basically what Data Mash-Ups are and they will probably be available in OBIEE 12c version on;
  • ODI in the cloud: That was a great presentation (we are ODI advocates, right?). Big Data Preparation Cloud Service is all about uploading data to the cloud, get automatic insights about what it really means, transform it and then send it to a target DW, BICS or any other target. All in the cloud and this is where all Oracle things are going at. It doesn’t mean that On Premise will not exist anymore, but Cloud offerings are evolving fast and they are becoming a very good option for several customers;
  • Essbase Update: Very nice presentation, with some insights about upcoming infrastructure changes (RDMS repository in Essbase, services migration to Weblogic and so on). In addition, a very short demo about ECS (Essbase Cloud Service) that was awesome. Extremely easy to create an “Essbase” cube on the fly. This will be awesome when it gets released;
  • Smartview 365 and Docs: a preview of a new version of Smartview using Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs. Very cool stuff;

Besides all these news, there were the Speaker reception and the Welcome reception. Great networking events with great friends! It is always great to speak face to face with all our “Twitter/Forum friends”. And all of these great stuff with this great view:


That’s it for today folks, tomorrow will be a great and busy day (our presentation is at 11:30 AM!!!).

See ya!


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