FunScope 15!

Hi guys, this post is not about technical stuff or something like that, it’s to show the fun side of Kscope 15. Hope you guys like it.

Fun Started on Sunday with some cool “pets” and some artists (Mine was awesome since I got better than my real self) doing caricatures.


Here is the Blue Brothers announcing that Kscope 16 will be in Chicago

Blue Brothers

Awesome views!

Awesome View

Good chats 🙂

Good Conversation

Cool party!

Kscope Beach ClubCool PartyCool Party 2

Nice and Crazy Peaple!

Nice PeapleCrazy Peaple

This is a little bit of FunScope! If the techinical part is not enought to convince you guys to coming next year maybe this can do it 🙂

Next post will be a technical one with all cool stuff we saw in this year Kscope.

See you guys.


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