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KScope 18! It’s a wrap.

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That’s it guys, one more year of KScope finished successfully.

This year was a big one for us since we had 3 sessions, one lunch and panel and one lip-sync battle…. that we lost… but was a lot of fun (way better than I thought it would be).

The sessions were great and we are very proud to receive the Top Speaker Awards for EPM Data Integration track with the session How to Use Your ODI On-Premise to Seamlessly Integrate PBCS.

This means a lot to us since we are always worried about our speeches because our marvelous English and our subtle accent (I sound like a famous robot from the future “Come with me if you want to live….”), then we always try to compensate with the content.

And this year I think we made it. We’ll try very hard to keep the content this interesting. We always try, but some times what is interesting for us is not for others. Would be very nice if you guys leave comments with thing you would like to see in our presentation or blogs.

Thank you very much for all people that attended our sessions and look forward to see you next year!




Kscope 18 is coming fast and DevEPM will be all around the place!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 4, 2018 by RZGiampaoli

Hi guys how are you?

It has been so long that I almost forgot about the blog :). We have being very busy lately, with a lot of projects and Kscope. This year we’ll be all around the place in Kscope.

Yes we’ll be presenting 3 sessions, one lunch and learn panel and a lip-sync battle….

On Monday 11 at 1:15 PM, we will present the session How to Use Your Existing ODI On-Premise to Seamlessly Integrate PBCS where we will be talking about some nice ways to use you current environment to integrate your new PBCS app.

And at night, 8 PM, I’ll be lip-syncing for my life in the EPM Community Night Event. I think this will be really fun (or funny to watch at least).

On Tuesday 1 pm, I’ll be in the Lunch and Learn Essbase Panel at and I’m planning to put some twists in our regular essbase talk.

On Wednesday 13 we also have two presentations: Dynamic Metadata Integrations for Multiple ASO Applications at 11:45 AM where we’ll show a way to load metadata to any number of ASO apps in a very easy and dynamic way and a updated version of Incredible ODI Tips for Working with Hyperion Tools 2.0 at 3:30 PM this time we add some demos to make easier for everybody see how things happens.

I hope I can see you all there and that you guys have a blast in Kscope 18 🙂 I know I will.

See you soon guys!