How to use your existing ODI on premise to seamlessly integrate PBCS (Part 4: Outbound Jobs)

Hey guys, how are you? Continuing the how to integrate PBCS seamlessly using you existing ODI environment series (Part 3 Here), today we’ll talk about Outbound Jobs.

In the same ways as the Inbound Jobs, the we need to create a job to extract both data and metadata for ODI to consume and populate our DW as well as use the Metadata for validation.

So, to extract data from PBCS is also easy. First, we need to choose the outbox location to enable save as job (Local does the same as for the Inbound job and enable you an once execution only).

For the outbound we need to choose the plan type, that means, we’ll need at least one job for each plan type. We also need to choose the delimiter (I always like pipeline because is easy to see and is not used in any command) and if you use smart list you can choose if you want to export the labels or the names.

And finally, you set the POV to be exported. You can use essbase substitution variables here if you want to and as you can see the export will also have the same format as planning import, accounts on the rows, periods on the columns and the POV (the plan type as well).

You can change the format if you wish, but I advise to maintain the consistency between the jobs for the sake of dynamic components.

After running this job, PBCS will generate a zip file in his outbox, we just need to go there and download it.

For the Metadata export the idea is the same but a little bit simpler than the others, we just need to select our outbox, the dimensions you want to export and the delimiter and that’s it. PBCS will create one zip file per dimension in our outbox.

That’s it for today. I hope you guys enjoy it, stay safe and see you soon.


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