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EPM Cumulative Feature Overview

Posted in Documentation, EPM with tags , , on July 9, 2015 by Rodrigo Radtke de Souza

Hi all, another quick post! It seems that today DevEPM is all around version documentation, upgrades and things like that 🙂 (see previous post about ODI Master Documentation). This tip was provided by Brian Suter, our co-worker (Thanks dude!!!).

Do you know that Oracle has a tool that show us the features released between two versions? It is called EPM Cumulative Feature Overview. It is a very straight forward site where you pick one or more EPM products, select the current version that you are in and the target version that you are planning to go, click in “Generate Report” and that’s it!

This is an awesome tool to better plan if it is worthy or not to upgrade and what benefits this upgrade will bring to your project.

See ya!


Master Note For Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) And Legacy Sunopsis, Releases and Patches

Posted in Documentation, Download, ODI 10g, ODI 11g, ODI 12c, Patches, Versions with tags , , , , , , , on July 9, 2015 by RZGiampaoli

Hi guys how are you doing?

Today a quickly but useful post.

How many times you guys wanted a specific version of ODI and you just can’t find it anywhere? Well, here is the solution for it.

This is the link for the ODI Master Documentation that contains ALL versions of ODI as well of all patches and bugs. Everything is there!

This is a document inside Oracle support than you need a user with access to this but even so, this is a very useful link.

You can find the Lifetime support Policy there:

Lifetime Support

The Grace period:

Grace Period

And off course, downloads of all version including version 10 and patches:

Download ODI

I hope you guys enjoy and see you later.