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Now we are Oracle Aces!!!

Posted in EPM, Oracle with tags , , , on January 27, 2015 by RZGiampaoli

Hi guys how are you doing?

Today we will not post anything cool for you, instead we want to post something awesome for us.

We have been accepted to receive the Oracle ACE Associate Ace Associate award . We are extreme happy and honored to be part of this team. Only to let you know how important this is for us, in the Business intelligence expertise there are only 46 members in the world and in Brazil only 3 (yes we are from Brazil).

If you do not know what is the Oracle ACE program here is a brief description about it:

“The Oracle ACE program highlights excellence within the global Oracle community by recognizing individuals who have demonstrated both technical proficiency and strong credentials as community enthusiasts and advocates”. Oracle

You can check more information Here.

Well, now what is our plan for this year? We set some goal for us and they are:

  • Write at least four big white papers;
  • Post about other EPM technologies like OBIEE, BigData, etc… (Yes we work with this too);
  • Present in Kscope 15 and maybe in other conferences;
  • Start to plan a chapter in a Book;
  • More certifications;
  • And start our Big ultra-secret project that will rock the EPM world (At least we like to think so).

Well, this is our way to give back what the community has given to us.

And for the last but not the least, we want to thank everybody that helped us to achieve this awesome award, and a especial thanks to Cameron Lackpour for starting this process and believe in us (more than ourselves).

Thank you very much all of you guys.

Aiming to the ACE Director award!!!


See you guys.

Ricardo GiampaoliAce Associate

Rodrigo RadtkeAce Associate