DEVEPM on Kscope15! – Day 0: Fun is about to start!!!

Hi all,

And here we go! We are all set to participate on the best EPM conference of the word: Kscope15! It’s a long flight for us, since we are leaving from the southernmost state of Brazil: Porto Alegre.


Lucky, a couple of years ago, the airport added a straight flight from POA to Miami, which prevent us to get a connection on São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Brasilia, but even so, it’s a 9 h 25 min flight. We will be arriving Saturday morning in Miami, get a car and head to the hotel on Hollywood. As I said in the last post, we will try to post daily updates while we are at Kscope, so let’s see how it goes!

For all Kscope15 attendees and readers of this blog, I hope to see you there! For those that could not make it, stay tuned on the blog for some Kscope15/EPM news!


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