How to use your existing ODI on premise to seamlessly integrate PBCS (Part 5: Import Metadata Jobs)

Hey guys, how are you? Continuing the how to integrate PBCS seamlessly using you existing ODI environment series (Part 4 Here), today we’ll talk about Importing Metadata Jobs.

As you can imagine, import Metadata will also be simple in PBCS, we just need to pay attention in the file format and that’s it.

To import Metadata, we need:

As usual, first we need to select our inbox, then the name of the files for each dimension, the delimiter for each dimension and if you want to clear the members before load the new members you just need to check Clear Members.

That’s it, all dimensions will be load at once, but we need separated files, one for each dimension. These files can also be in zip format that PBCS will automatically unzip for us.

Now the important part, the file format. This are all properties that PBCS expect when loading metadata.

That’s it. With that we finally finished all the setups we need in PBCS for our ODI jobs to work. One import thing that I need to point out is that Oracle will update PBCS with new versions and the file format can change over time. If that happens, you’ll need also to update your ODI Jobs.

It happened to me during more than one project and is not a big deal, but you need to be aware that if your job starts to fail, this is what can be happening.

I hope you guys enjoy it, stay safe and see you soon.


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